Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What to do with this urge to destroy.... to bulldoze someone else's sandcastle (maybe one your little sister sweated over), the urge to twirl twirl and swing my powerful metal arm into anything everything. A tantrum of smashing or ... expression?

the urge to flatten tar, to drag a snarl of charcoal across a page, the mischief of holding a paintbrush full of viridian green in front of a 'finished' painting.

electric energy seeks an outlet. plug in or blow a fuse. art is learning to wrangle the live wire?

the transformation of sounds, babblings, lalling, and so forth, into language is a perfect illustration of the way in which acts of expression are brought into existence and also of the difference between them and mere acts of discharge. “(Dewey, J. Art As Experience.(1934) The Berkley Publishing Group, page 62)

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