Sunday, August 5, 2012

An earthmover digs. and i like to think an artist's job is to dig deep. earthmovers are the agents of change in cities and towns.  artists can be the vanguard of cultural shifts. 

like the majority of the world i live within urban flux. i'm interested in how i connect to my urban environment and the history of art.

the beginning of art was the primitive urge to paint on the walls of a cave, this simple but potent genetic impulse to connect with an environment with lines and colour. 

An earthmover shifts materials to transform a street, a building site, a city.  an artist paints, sculpts, etches, and constructs 2D and 3D images. an artist thinks in her materials.

“the artist does his thinking in the very qualitative media he works in, and the terms lie so close to the object that he is producing that they merge directly into it.( Dewey,J. Art As Experience.(1934)The Berkley Publishing Group, page 16)

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